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Fri, Feb. 6th, 2004, 12:00 pm
dougandlynn: Shawn still has some work to do

Still waiting not so patiently for Terrible Terrace. At least we have a pre-view on the official HOH site under the photo gallery heading. Sure enough it must have been a few hot days as not only is Mike down to the undershirt/tank top/muscle shirt/wife-beater or whatever you choose to call it but Shawn has just forgone clothing above the waist altogether.

lift with your knees

Now Shawn is a cute guy, great worker and does well when he get to demonstrate something but put him 1/2naked next to Mike and he looks like at 14-year-old. Okay - so not true - Mr. Morren has a lovely lithe body with just the right amount of chest hair. I know one of my friends who would be gaga for him. I like to think that Mike started out with this shape in his teens and just worked for 25 years to get where he is now.

evil thoughts
thinking about Mike's legs

Can we find a pool job in need of Mike's help - that's finished just in time for the hottest day of the summer of '04. Mike (and the rest of the crew) just happen to have their swim trunks in the truck. I can see the shot now, close-up on Mike's face telling us to be careful about who we trust, slowly pull away to see the inviting pool behind him and that Mike is wearing a modest pair of trunks, suddenly on the last couple of syllables of his speech Shawn (or Ben or anyone else) appears running full tilt and launches both of them into the deep end.
Mike does have a sense of humour, right? If the crew buy his beers for the next month, right?

Tue, Feb. 3rd, 2004, 09:48 pm
dougandlynn: Cute station id

I was watching a bit of another hgtv show this evening when they had a station id with a small clip of Mike next to the great big station logo. He looked right at the camera and smiled. It then occurred to me that during the shows, at least for the most part, Mike doesn't address, let alone smile at the camera. Hey! So not fair.
I guess it has to do with the style of direction. It's true that compared to diy shows, HOH is done more like a film. Even as a 'reality show' HOH is more like a film than a documentary and they usually manage to get some arty shots in.
Having thought of this I now have a reason to go and re-watch my taped episodes with a film-student's eye (I promise I'll give it back when I'm finished). Still not going to stop feeling sorry for myself for not being able to attend the Toronto shop show where Mike's appearing, but hey, I'd never have the guts to talk to him anyway...
Mike does have a great smile though.

Mon, Feb. 2nd, 2004, 09:59 pm
dougandlynn: Well that's great if you live in TO

It seems that Mike is going to be making several appearances at the "Canadian Home Workshop Show" Feb. 27-28. Several of the folks on the official forum are making plans for meeting each other and probably Mike. Sigh.
I love living "out west" but sometimes would like to be able to see other parts of the country without crossing oceans (okay straits) and mountain ranges.
Guess I have to sit back and be smug about the weather like everyone else.

Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 10:45 pm
dougandlynn: Where's "Terrible Terrace"?

Got my tape cued up for another new ep. and HGTV went and showed Kitchen Catastrophe again. I love that episode but I already have it on tape and have watched it numerous times. The mod at the HOH forum even had me in a tizzy saying that TT was taped during last summer's heat wave. mmmm... sweaty Mike. Still, ya gotta love Enforcer!Mike taking on the cabinet company. I suppose the reschedule may have something to do with that football game everyone was on about superbowl something-or-other. Maybe Wednesday?

Sun, Feb. 1st, 2004, 11:56 am
dougandlynn: lj icons

I had great hopes to make some Mike icons for this community but, alas, the only programme I have available (Macromedia Fireworks) is so far beyond me - I'll have to take a course or at least find some step-by-step instructions so I can create without actually understanding the thing. Facing bitter defeat I wound up using a really old copy of Paint Shop Pro that I got with the original computer back in 1995! to just cut down some pictures to icon size. What I really wanted to do was take all the "hug" photos from the website and animate an icon of Mike getting lots of hugs. Then (in theory) I'd think up a pithy comment to add at the end - or just a whiny "I want a hug too!"

Fri, Jan. 30th, 2004, 09:45 pm
dougandlynn: HoH pics

So on the off chance that anyone who would have found themselves here hasn't already been to the official HOH website for all the episode photos - go - look - drool...
For some reason they don't include the one hour special which is too bad since there was that horribly hot day when poor Mike got really sweaty. Ah well.

Fri, Jan. 30th, 2004, 04:46 pm
dougandlynn: I know you're out there

I've noticed, every now and then, on the official Holmes on Homes website forum someone pops up with an observation of how hot/charming/hunky Mike is then quickly disappears when everyone ignores them or at least no one gives them any whole-hearted support. I know we're not alone just by reading pretty much any article that features Mike...
The Toronto Star talks about his "craggy good looks that you expect from a pinup-firefighters calendar".
TV Guide did an article on home reno shows that mentioned how hunky Mike is. The Toronto-area alternative press published an article, Homes for Homoscomparing him to, among other things, "a beefy Sting".

So c'mon, why do you like Mike?


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