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Sun, Feb. 29th, 2004, 07:53 am
dougandlynn: Toronto Homeshow... 1,000s of km away!

Sure - my local homeshow gets Debbie Travis, TO gets everyone else including Mike!
(I'm pouting angrily here people!)

On the other hand, thanks to the folks on the HOH forum I did get to see some pictures here and read several peoples comments about how Mike really is that knowledgeable, friendly and warm as he seems on TV. Sigh.

One comment that really got my attention was that part-way through each of his presentations he shucked his long-sleeved shirt and finished off wearing our favorite outfit - the sleeveless undershirt, carhartt overalls and even a loaded tool-belt. Also noted was that as he did this there was hootin' an' hollerin' from the women in the audience! No kidding! I'd hoot. I'd holler! I'd whistle through my teeth if I'd ever learned how!

I'd be interested to know if there was a larger female contingent in the audience for Mikes appearance than for - oh say anyone else at one of these shows.

Looking forward to a new ep tonight..
As Pepe says: le sigh.