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Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 08:58 pm
dougandlynn: new episode - Ramp Revamped

Well, that was a little unexpected and I suppose an argument could be made for "gratuitous" as well.

I loved the episode - lots of shots of Mike working at various tasks, including a vehicle-mounted post hole digger. Great look of concentration on his face as he looked around the machine to check out his work. Very cute. Some great lines - Did I hear Mike say "Here we go" as he stripped down to a sleeveless state? Was that Benji with the ultra-Canadian observation "Beauty hole, eh"? Lots of power tools and talented men doing their thing.

Of course the source of us getting all verklempt was Chris the homeowner who is now confined to a wheelchair/scooter. A nice guy stuck with MS and a lousy wheelchair ramp.
Now Mike always empathizes with the homeowners - more with the ones who at least tried to do their homework than those who just made blind choices. This time he seemed particularly upset and spoke at length about safety issues concerning this sort of structure. During the final scene where the homeowners say their thank-you's, you could see that Mike was concerned about this guy - patting him on the shoulder and arm as he shook his hand. Chris was getting all teary and from what I've read on the forum so were a significant number of the fans. Mike said something about dropping back for a cup of coffee sometime - how can he find the time??

Once again reaffirmed my opinion that not only is he a talented, honest contractor but a really nice guy. Not to mention the obvious, what was that? Oh yeah - Uber-hunky!