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Sun, Feb. 8th, 2004, 10:59 pm
dougandlynn: Finally, Terrible Terrace

Wow! A Holmes on Homes episode that didn't escalate into a massive headache with twice the labour and lots of extra trades!
As far as I could tell there were no nasty surprises and everything when pretty much according to plan.
Although not as "dramatic" I actually prefer this sort of thing because you can actually follow the work a little more closely and perhaps learn a thing or two. Lucky for me, my bit of terrace has two quite effective drains and as long as I keep leaves and other litter out of them I've never had to worry about flooding. I'm so glad I've been pretty lucky with my home certainly nothing like mushrooms growing under the joists! Yeesh!

Our tip from the HOH forum mod was correct. Not only did Mike mention the heat and Shawn strip down, but we actually saw the removal of the shirt. Mike arrives at the house wearing what looks like a dark denim shirt over top of his overalls and only a couple of minutes says "It's already getting warm out", and off comes the shirt. Yay!

For manufacturers of overalls, Carhartt has a dandy feature on their website. From the link look for Featured Products and click on 'take them for a spin'. You can choose from several items including the Duck Bib Overall and play around with the little picture. While I'm sure there are places in Canada to find Carhartt clothing, one US on-line store Duluth Trading lists among other things lil' Carhartt overalls (enter the word 'kid' in the product search) suitable for your sib's kids who wear out clothes like they were kleenex. I usually don't get excited about anything to do with kids - but these are cuuuute!

Sat, Jun. 5th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): skilled group of workers

not only is mike a powerful presence of a man ,, i now have a new respect 4 the skill & knowledge of every person working on his crew .everyone a specialist. if there was a college course 4 this it would take years to complete