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Sun, Feb. 27th, 2005, 08:32 am
dougandlynn: Up close and in person

Well, Mike appeared at our local home show yesterday. We got there half an hour before the show opened, an hour and a half before Mike was to go on stage. Somewhat surprisingly, we weren't first ones there however were early enough to get a third row centre seat. There was an even mix (I thought) of men and women. I guess, in spite of my skewed view of Mike as a sex symbol the majority of his audience were there for his building expertise. Although - come to think of it there was a great commotion from the audience when he removed his jacket to reveal a skin-tight t-shirt/undershirt, that while covering his skin did nothing to conceal his muscular upper body.

My general impression was that yes, as everyone has said he really is that nice. He's (believe it or not) better looking in person. Seemed a bit taller than I expected, less stocky than the camera makes him appear on the show. Piercing eyes. He spoke comfortably in front of a standing-room-only crowd wandering down the middle aisle (inches away, swoon) to have a little chat with some of the folks in the back. Mike asked a few Holmes on Homes trivia questions for give-aways of t-shirts but since they weren't the official HOH shirts I didn't try too hard. (While not shy about meeting him, I was shy about meeting him in front of a thousand people - gods only know what I might blurt out and probably have the mic pick up).

Mike did remind us a couple of times that he was "just a contractor" (his air quotes) but after his initial blush from the crowd reaction to his taking the jacket off, it seemed to me that he has come to rather enjoy the attention. He loves that kids know who he is. He repeated his oft-said "I love my job" a couple of times when attractive women threw themselves into a hug - and once when a lady gave him flowers.

In spite of sitting quietly (more or less - there were a few squee moments), my companion K and I behaved ourselves. That is until we got into back to the car when the conversation took a quick left into the gutter. I wonder how many other women (and possibly gay men) were like us and after sitting in the audience as attentive fans of home renovation left with fantasies of getting Mike in a compromising situation in the middle of a half-finished kitchen?

I realize I haven't done much to keep this journal active but do me a favour and if you feel the same way please post or just leave a comment to say "me too".

Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004, 08:58 am
dougandlynn: watch for lil' Mike tonight

Just checked out the photo gallery on the official HOH site. Tonight's episode seems to have a cameo by Mike Jr. - who - probably to his horror I have already dubbed lil' Mike. Other good shots include Mike taking a hammer to a commode. Alas no muscle shirt but several feats of brute strength to look forward too.

Sun, Mar. 14th, 2004, 09:26 pm
dougandlynn: One more time

Okay guys, enough with the re-runs already. Not only do I know last season's episodes by heart (six minutes in Mike removes shirt, seven minutes calls previous contractor lazy/uncaring/bugger, nine minutes uses pry-bar, fourteen minutes glistens with sweat, eighteen minutes flexes muscles, twenty-three minutes gets hug from gushing homeowner, grins and hugs back), but I have them all on tape so I can watch whenever I feel like doing a half-assed job of something or just feel like drooling.
I've enjoyed these shows many, many times but would like some new fodder for my, um, oh nevermind. I'll just go now and review those tapes....

Sun, Feb. 29th, 2004, 07:53 am
dougandlynn: Toronto Homeshow... 1,000s of km away!

Sure - my local homeshow gets Debbie Travis, TO gets everyone else including Mike!
(I'm pouting angrily here people!)

On the other hand, thanks to the folks on the HOH forum I did get to see some pictures here and read several peoples comments about how Mike really is that knowledgeable, friendly and warm as he seems on TV. Sigh.

One comment that really got my attention was that part-way through each of his presentations he shucked his long-sleeved shirt and finished off wearing our favorite outfit - the sleeveless undershirt, carhartt overalls and even a loaded tool-belt. Also noted was that as he did this there was hootin' an' hollerin' from the women in the audience! No kidding! I'd hoot. I'd holler! I'd whistle through my teeth if I'd ever learned how!

I'd be interested to know if there was a larger female contingent in the audience for Mikes appearance than for - oh say anyone else at one of these shows.

Looking forward to a new ep tonight..
As Pepe says: le sigh.

Fri, Feb. 20th, 2004, 03:47 pm
dougandlynn: gallery up for upcoming HOH : Roof Goof

No trailer yet on the web site but the photo gallery is up. Not nearly enough shots of Mike though. Here's hoping the show is more interesting than the stills suggest.

Tue, Feb. 17th, 2004, 08:58 pm
dougandlynn: new episode - Ramp Revamped

Well, that was a little unexpected and I suppose an argument could be made for "gratuitous" as well.

I loved the episode - lots of shots of Mike working at various tasks, including a vehicle-mounted post hole digger. Great look of concentration on his face as he looked around the machine to check out his work. Very cute. Some great lines - Did I hear Mike say "Here we go" as he stripped down to a sleeveless state? Was that Benji with the ultra-Canadian observation "Beauty hole, eh"? Lots of power tools and talented men doing their thing.

Of course the source of us getting all verklempt was Chris the homeowner who is now confined to a wheelchair/scooter. A nice guy stuck with MS and a lousy wheelchair ramp.
Now Mike always empathizes with the homeowners - more with the ones who at least tried to do their homework than those who just made blind choices. This time he seemed particularly upset and spoke at length about safety issues concerning this sort of structure. During the final scene where the homeowners say their thank-you's, you could see that Mike was concerned about this guy - patting him on the shoulder and arm as he shook his hand. Chris was getting all teary and from what I've read on the forum so were a significant number of the fans. Mike said something about dropping back for a cup of coffee sometime - how can he find the time??

Once again reaffirmed my opinion that not only is he a talented, honest contractor but a really nice guy. Not to mention the obvious, what was that? Oh yeah - Uber-hunky!

Sat, Feb. 14th, 2004, 02:58 pm
dougandlynn: Über-hunky

That's how my local alternative newspaper described Mike in an article about designer/renovation tv shows.

Gotta love it.

Fri, Feb. 13th, 2004, 09:22 pm
dougandlynn: Mike in the news again

Today's edition of the Toronto paper the Globe and Mail has an article about home/reality shows and mentions Mike's - Holmes on Homes. I understand that there was a large picture along with the article and I'll see what I can do about getting a copy scanned and uploaded somewhere I can link to it. That part may take some time.

As usual the description of Mike in the article is flattering (how could it not be?). I quote:
"Host Mike Holmes is a buff, buzz-cut contractor with a natural screen presence and a low tolerance for shoddy workmanship and dishonest colleagues."
Yes, that he is!

Meanwhile back on the HOH website they have the trailer and photogallery up for the next episode "Ramp Revamp". Not as many pictures as some of the galleries and nothing particularly spectacular of Mike. However the person writing the captions is getting quite silly - check out the one called:
The Whitby Power Saw Massacre

Actually, just go to the gallery and check them all out for yourselves. Does Mike look like he has more of a tan than usual? Maybe this was filmed late last summer?

Mon, Feb. 9th, 2004, 05:49 pm
dougandlynn: Yikes!

The official Holmes on Homes website is down! No pictures. No forum. Nuthin'

I know when the forum was down for a day or two not so long ago many people wrote wondering what's going on - but this time - maybe their whole server is off-line?


Sun, Feb. 8th, 2004, 10:59 pm
dougandlynn: Finally, Terrible Terrace

Wow! A Holmes on Homes episode that didn't escalate into a massive headache with twice the labour and lots of extra trades!
As far as I could tell there were no nasty surprises and everything when pretty much according to plan.
Although not as "dramatic" I actually prefer this sort of thing because you can actually follow the work a little more closely and perhaps learn a thing or two. Lucky for me, my bit of terrace has two quite effective drains and as long as I keep leaves and other litter out of them I've never had to worry about flooding. I'm so glad I've been pretty lucky with my home certainly nothing like mushrooms growing under the joists! Yeesh!

Our tip from the HOH forum mod was correct. Not only did Mike mention the heat and Shawn strip down, but we actually saw the removal of the shirt. Mike arrives at the house wearing what looks like a dark denim shirt over top of his overalls and only a couple of minutes says "It's already getting warm out", and off comes the shirt. Yay!

For manufacturers of overalls, Carhartt has a dandy feature on their website. From the link look for Featured Products and click on 'take them for a spin'. You can choose from several items including the Duck Bib Overall and play around with the little picture. While I'm sure there are places in Canada to find Carhartt clothing, one US on-line store Duluth Trading lists among other things lil' Carhartt overalls (enter the word 'kid' in the product search) suitable for your sib's kids who wear out clothes like they were kleenex. I usually don't get excited about anything to do with kids - but these are cuuuute!

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